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Metamaterials and Metasurfaces have extraordinary features that cannot be achieved with standard materialsRelease date: July 21st, 2022 SEE THE FLYERReport outline80+ slides (PDF)€ 3 490 multi users licenseKey Features of the reportStatistics on currently funded projects and recently submitted patentsKey players descriptionMarket forecasts up to 2028Comprehensive overview of Metamaterials' and Metasurfaces' productsReview of currently tested or potentially attractive applicationsIdentification of challenges and bottlenecksReview of most promising upcoming systems/devices
Leaders in MIR Photodetectors manufacturing recently unveiled investment projects. In this Market Brief, we present new emerging applications driving these decisions as well as market development forecast and circumstances. Release date: December, 5th 2019 Report outline Title: Mid-IR Photodetectors and Systems : Applications & Markets PDF  50+  slides € 2490 (Tax excl.) Multi users license Objectives of the report Understand the current Mid-IR Photodetectors market Understand the Value chain and Identify Mid-IR Photodetectors & systems applications Provide market analysis and forecast until 2025 for Mid-IR Photodetectors Provide market forecast for Mid-IR systems in each application field Determine opportunities for Mid-IR Photodetectors Key Features of the report Value chain and applications of Mid-IR Photodetectors & systems Mid-IR Photodetectors Market –Units 2017-2025 Mid-IR Photodetectors Market –Revenues 2017 - 2025 Mid-IR systems Market -Revenues 2017 - 2025 Opportunities for Mid-IR photodetectors