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Metamaterials and Metasurfaces have extraordinary features that cannot be achieved with standard materialsRelease date: July 21st, 2022 SEE THE FLYERReport outline80+ slides (PDF)€ 3 490 multi users licenseKey Features of the reportStatistics on currently funded projects and recently submitted patentsKey players descriptionMarket forecasts up to 2028Comprehensive overview of Metamaterials' and Metasurfaces' productsReview of currently tested or potentially attractive applicationsIdentification of challenges and bottlenecksReview of most promising upcoming systems/devices
With current imaging modalities, can we really probe soft tissues like the breast & prostate as deep as we would like past the barriers? Will the conventional modalities be obsolete with the advent of optical imaging?SEE THE FLYERReport outline80+ slides (PDF)€ 1 990 – PRE-ORDER multi users licenseKey Features of the reportExisting, New and Evolving Imaging approaches for detecting and treating Breast & Prostate CancersMarket revenue breakdown for the main Imaging modalitiesMarket forecast of Imaging modalities from 2020-2026Presentation of dominant market trendsSummary of ongoing clinical trials, funded projects, investments and M&A’s for cancer imaging.Review of most promising upcoming systems/devices
From Research Labs to Clinical ProductsObjectives of the reportProvide an overview of Photoacoustic Imaging components and systems on the market and under development,Define and analyze the different market segments of the PAI market,Identify PAI main industrial and R&D players worldwide,Provide a market forecast until 2022 for each application segment,Underline main challenges to be addressed both on technology side and application side in short, mid and long-term.Report outlineTitle: Photoacoustic Imaging: Technology, Systems, Market and Trends.PDF 250+ slides3 990 € – Multi users licenseKey Features of the reportPAI components Overview: light sources, acoustic transducers, data processing and algorithmsPAI systems technologies Overview: tomography, microscopy, handheld systems and endoscopyMarkets Forecast and Trends for Components and R&D, Pre-clinical, Analytics and Clinical segmentsKey features of PAI for medical applicationsRequirements for market accessibilityMarket drivers and remaining challengesProducts roadmapPatents Landscape