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Metamaterials and Metasurfaces have extraordinary features that cannot be achieved with standard materialsRelease date: July 21st, 2022 SEE THE FLYERReport outline80+ slides (PDF)€ 3 490 multi users licenseKey Features of the reportStatistics on currently funded projects and recently submitted patentsKey players descriptionMarket forecasts up to 2028Comprehensive overview of Metamaterials' and Metasurfaces' productsReview of currently tested or potentially attractive applicationsIdentification of challenges and bottlenecksReview of most promising upcoming systems/devices
Which LIDAR technology will win the race towards autonomous driving? Objectives of the report Understand needs and drivers of the Automotive industry in the context of ADAS and autonomous driving. Highlight the role and the position of LIDARs on the markets of ADAS and autonomous driving. Describe and benchmark current and emerging LIDAR systems for automotive applications. Identify partnerships and investments between technology providers, car manufacturers and suppliers.  Provide target prices of LIDAR systems for their adoption in cars. Detail scenarios for short-term and long-term adoption of LIDARs in cars. Report outline Title: LIDAR technologies for the Automotive Industry: Technology benchmark, Challenges, Market forecasts PDF  160 + slides € 2 990 – Multi users license Key Features of the report Short-term (2016-2022) market analysis and forecast by type of LIDAR technology and wavelength range Long-term (2020-2050) market analysis and forecast by type of LIDAR technology and wavelength range Benchmark of LIDAR technologies : mechanical scanning, flash LIDARs, mirrors and MEMS scanning, optical-phased array LIDARs Presentation of main LIDAR manufacturers and their technology Related Reports Photonics Technologies for ADAS in the Automotive Industry -  Needs, Challenges, Market Forecasts