Marketing to make Photonics succeed (2020)

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This document is intended for all those involved in photonics: entrepreneurs, investors, institutions, researchers, students... 

For those who see marketing as an illusionist's trick, take some time to read this document! You'll discover that marketing is a tool that anchors products into reality and allows entrepreneurs to quickly become part of the community of users of his or her product.

For those who see marketing as a cost, you will understand how marketing is profitable and allows you to avoid dead ends that would cost you hundreds of thousands of euros.

And for all entrepreneurs, investors, institutions, researchers or students, curious to understand the methods and tools to generate income and jobs through photonics, you will find some keys to understand the usefulness of our exciting profession and how to practice it. 


Table of contents

1  Marketing turns concepts into reality 

Beyond technology, first and foremost a business!

3  The photonics industry is special

4  Demystifying marketing

5  What can you expect ? A rewarding investment

5.1  Study markets and associated trends
5.2  Specify and position future products, build the associated business models
5.3  Develop tactics to enter the market and sell the product
5.4  Elaborate growth strategies 
5.5  Promote your products

6  Marketing drives technological developments 

7  Position your product and build your strategy take time 

8  Not a cost, a smart investment

9  A profession of expertise 

10  Ok… But… 

11  Save time and money, rely on marketing experts

12  Implement permanent marketing processes and grow faster

13  APPENDIX A : Positioning criteria for a photonic product

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