Market Data and Industry Report (2020)

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European photonics industry growing at more than 

double global GDP rate, new analysis finds 

New research shows European photonics is growing at more than double the rate of global GDP – outperforming EU GDP and EU industrial production by three and five times, respectively. Present in many high-end, next-generation products, photonics technologies have proved to be long-term drivers of growth through their indispensable role in future markets. 

Photonics – the technology and science of light – is one of the most resilient and fast-growing industries in Europe, outperforming many other market segments according to the new ‘Market Research Study – Photonics 2020’ by deep technology research group Tematys. Key to several mega markets – including Industry 4.0, Digitisation, Quantum, AI, IoT – European photonics have enabled many market segments and applications to flourish ranging from Space, Healthcare, Environment, and Defence to Security Telecoms.

The study delivered a glowing report on European photonics from 2015 to 2019: the industry grew at a CAGR of 7% per year and was worth €103 billion at the latest count in 2019.   

The report is an innitiative of The European Technology Platform Photonics21.


Table of contents

1  What is photonics?  

2  Photonics is critical for Europe’s strategic value chains  

2.1  Green deal  

2.2  Digitisation of manufacturing and society  

2.3  Health and well-being  

2.4  Sovereignty  

3  The specificities of the photonics industry   

3.1  The origin of the photonics industry  

3.2  First specificity: photonics is deeply transverse   

3.3  Second specificity: photonics is a slow maturing market  

3.4  Third specificity: the emergence of mass customisation – an opportunity for Europe   

3.5  Fourth specificity: no strong photonics industry without a strong photonics research   

4  The European photonics industry is growing fast and is competitive  

5  Conclusion: Investing in photonics is very profitable for Europe, states and regions   

6  Appendix A: Green deal  

7  Appendix B: Digitisation of manufacturing and society  

8  Appendix C: Health and well-being  

9  Appendix D: Sovereignty  

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