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Raman Spectroscopy, can it disrupt the Spectroscopy market? See the flyerAuthors: Susmita Sridhar, Benoît d'Humières, Jacques Cochard & Thierry RobinObjectives of the reportTo provide a broad overview of Raman Technologies, their applications and products (Raman systems, and components)To present a general description of Raman techniques and methodsTo detail and describe the existing market segmentation of Raman TechnologiesTo present the product range, value chain, and the existing and upcoming market trends for Raman technologies To compare current revenues and past figures To provide market forecasts up to 2031To analyse the technologies and strategies of the various actors and influencers in the value chainReport outlineTitle: Raman Technologies: Technologies, Market Trends and Customers’ Needs 2023PDF 80 + slides€ 3490 – Multi users licenseKey Features of the reportOverview of Raman Technologies, their applications and products (Raman systems, and components)Market revenue breakdown of the Raman market by product type and applicationMarket forecast of the Raman market from 2022-2031Presentation of dominant market trends and some new productsSummary of funded projects, investments and M&As related to RamanRelated ReportsMiniature and Micro Spectrometers: End-user needs, Market and trends
Will Cascade Lasers finally cause a market disruption?SEE THE FLYERReport outline247 slides (PDF)€ 4 990 – multi users licenseKey Features of the reportRevenues of the ICLs and QCLs markets at the level of sources and systemsMarket forecasts up to 2026Comprehensive overview of ICL and QCL products and their applications at the level of sources and equipment (excluding THz range)Comparison of ICL and QCL-based equipment with the other competitive systemsBusiness models analysisIdentification of challenges and bottlenecks for the broader adoption of ICLs and QCLs in large volume applications Review of the recent application trends (with the focus on gas spectroscopy)Review of potentially attractive applications for ICLs and QCLs 
Spectroscopy will become a part of people's daily lifeFind the report flyer in the AttachmentsObjectives of the reportProvide a definition to discriminate between miniature, micro and chip-size spectrometers.Provide market data and forecasts for compact spectrometers.Describe and segment various strategies for miniaturization of spectrometers at commercial and research level.Highlight the importance of data analysis and solution oriented approach in the development of compact spectrometers.Identify the most promising applications for miniature, micro and chip-size spectrometers.Understand end-users requirements to meet and challenges to overcome for a wider adoption of compact spectrometers.Report outlineTitle: Miniature, Micro and Chip-size Spectrometers: Technologies, Markets Trends and Customers Needs200+ slides (PDF)€ 4 990 – Multi users licenseKey Features of the reportDefinition of miniature, micro and chip-size spectrometersMarket revenue breakdown between classical and miniaturized spectrometersUnique compact spectrometers market forecast by applications 2020-2024Main OEM spectrometers manufacturers analysisPresentation of dominant market trendsDescription of strategies for spectrometers miniaturizationReview of most promising applications