The launch of TEMATYS' Global Laser Market Index (GLMI) signifies a milestone in providing valuable insights into the dynamic and evolving landscape of the global laser market. With detailed analysis, segmentation, and company performance evaluations, the GLMI  aims to empower stakeholders with actionable intelligence to capitalize on emerging opportunities and navigate market challenges effectively. Stay tuned for the upcoming releases and take advantage of the valuable insights offered by the GLMI to drive growth and innovation in the laser industry.


TEMATYS presents the second issue of the Global Laser Market Index (GLMI) for the fourth quarter of 2023. This comprehensive study is part of a quarterly series aimed at providing insights into the evolving landscape of the global laser market.



Market Evolution. The GLMI report tracks the evolution of the global laser market every quarter, offering a detailed analysis of market trends, growth trajectories, and emerging opportunities.

Segmentation. The report breaks down the laser market by applications and technologies, providing valuable insights into various industry verticals and technological advancements driving market growth.

Geographical Distribution. The report analyzes the distribution of laser sales across different geographical regions, highlighting regional trends and market dynamics shaping the global landscape.

Company Performance. Detailed presentations of the best-performing companies by quarter-to-quarter growth offer valuable insights into the competitive landscape and strategic positioning of key market players.



GLMI overview. The Global Laser Market Index witnessed an alarming decline during the first three quarters of 2023. Despite this negative trend however, the laser industry proved once more its strong resilience and the GLMI increased by 12% between Q3 2023 and Q4 2023, exceeding slightly the reference value of Q3 2022.


Availability and Pricing:

The second issue of the GLMI report, covering Q4 2023 is available free of charge on the TEMATYS website from 1st July 2024.

Starting from January 2025, TEMATYS will introduce subscription-based access to the GLMI report. The annual subscription will be priced at 1400.00 EUR (excluding taxes), providing access to all quarterly reports throughout the year. Single issues can be purchased at 500.00 EUR (excluding taxes).

Additionally, individual reports will be available for purchase at a price of 500,00 EUR per report, allowing stakeholders to access specific insights and analysis as needed.

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