LiDAR for the Automotive (2018)

Presentation: workshop CHUR, June 2018

Title - Which LIDAR technology(ies) will win the race towards autonomous driving?

Speaker : Jacques Cochard



1. Trends of the automotive industry
2. Trends in LIDAR: investment of OEM manufacturers and tier
3. Trends in LIDAR: global funding raised by LIDARs manufacturers
4. Trends in LIDAR technologies: near 1B$ investment in ventures in 3 years
5. Trends in reglementation: some issues in validation of the technology
6. From ADAS to autonomous driving: the role of LIDARs
7. Which LIDAR technology(ies) for autonomous driving?
8. LIDARs adoption: target costs and market forecast


Jacques Cochard, Partner, Technology transfer & Research valorization
Email: jcochard(at)
Tel: +33 6 89 37 57 88 

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